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What Is The World’s Favorite Snack?

Sherwood Low Start-Up Cost Business Over one billion people a day eat chocolate.

Thousands of those people live in Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego.

This chocolate comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Portland specialty chocolatiers sell truffles, bon bons, fudge and turtles. Phoenix convenience stores sell Kit Kat, Baby Ruth and Snicker’s bars. San Diego ice cream shops carry all sorts of chocolate flavors with names like Double Chocolate Chip Mint, Chocolate Heaven, and Chock Full of Chocolate.

Portland health food stores sell chocolate protein bars and meal replacement shakes. Las Vegas bakeries sell chocolate pastries, cookies, brownies, and doughnuts. Sherwood grocery stores sell thousands of products containing chocolate; everything from chocolate-covered almonds to German Chocolate cake.

How many times have you eaten chocolate in the past week? If you had chocolate that would improve your health, how often would you eat it? Xocai antioxidant dark chocolate has captured a portion of the chocolate market and its sales have increased steadily, doubling every year since its founding in 2005.

However, the chocolate market is so enormous, there are still billions of dollars to be made.

How would you like to profit in Sherwood from a booming global market? How would you like to sell a product that improves lives, both physically and financially?

Phoenix Xocai distributors are making money by selling a revolutionary chocolate product: healthy antioxidant chocolate. If you want more information about this opportunity, I would be happy to meet with you. I hold meetings at the local coffee shop in Sherwood.

You can contact me at 503-348-3067 and

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